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I am sure many of us have heard this story. I am going to re-tell this beautiful story again and share my lessons on it.

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When I am travelling for work related purposes, I usually do not bring along my dumbbells. Simply, because I am too idle to pack them in my luggage and drag them along. I do not have much time to visit the gym too, due to my tight schedules. I have to attend meetings and company activities in the morning and evening.

Workouts are one of the most important tasks that I love doing in the morning. It makes me feel refreshed, grounded, energized and happy throughout the day. …

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Many of us might have encountered difficult communications in our lives when we work hard to explain our points and the people hearing us aren’t receptive. So….what causes a communication to be difficult? Just like looking at the tip of an iceberg, we tend to see the presenting concerns of dysfunctional communication patterns, however, there are many underlying personality traits that contribute to the critical transactions between people. Some of these unconscious personality traits are distorted perceptions, indifferences, judgements, biases, rigid thinking patterns, imposition of values, poor empathetic and emotional intelligence and much more.

If a person is not conscious…

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My professional background is in the provision of human services. In a decade of experience, I have come across many ladies who have been victims of violence. Violence has made them suffer physical and psychological pain. My empathy and compassion for the victims, gave me an intrinsic motivation to write this.

A domestic violence could be perpetrated by a spouse, intimate partner, family members or relatives in a domestic circle. The victims could be anyone inside this circle, including children. I will now explain briefly, for an easier understanding about some types of abuse that fall under the domestic violence.

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A writer’s block is when a writer feels less energetic to write again. Though there are many reasons for this to happen, we know it is completely natural, and “a writer’s block is just a rest time from a writer’s creativity.” Usually, writers write better after this rest.

To release me from the writer’s block, I worked on understanding “the purpose of writing and editing.” Knowing the purpose motivated me to move forward in overcoming the writer’s block, and it made my writing and editing experiences more enjoyable.

Of course, writers possess a distinguished level of intelligence, eloquence, creativity and…

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Today I am going to talk about how we can improve our skills and deliver good presentations. Over the years, I have observed, experienced and reflected on how presentations are done in professional settings, and I learned that the thoughts and feelings of the presenter and the audience are crucial factors when it comes to delivering good presentations. Studying deep in these factors, I planned some guidelines that would make presentations intelligible and interesting.

Let’s begin.


When planning the content, we should ensure the presentation is informative, has useful learning outcomes, and meets the needs and interests of the…

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There are many kinds of meditations that we could practice to enhance our spiritual growth. The ultimate purpose of meditations is to still our mind and bring us into the present moment. When we are in the present moment, our mind stops wandering into the past and future. With consistent practice of being in the present, we will gradually transcend into the deeper realms of cosmic consciousness. Cosmic consciousness is being aware about our innate truth. It is also known as self-realization.

Now, I hear you say, “tell me more about self-realizations.” Though, I love to do it, I have…

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Above is the picture of a tiger resting. Just like the tiger, it is good for us to “rest within ourselves,” to enhance focus and quality in our actions.

Okay…let’s dive in, to transform energies.

Laziness is a way the body communicates, to give it longer rest and pleasure. It is completely natural and today I am going to talk about how I transform it.

I am happy to say that I usually complete my workouts in the mornings. I make it a serious point to complete first — the tasks that matter to me most. Do I sound like…

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Workouts can get boring if we are doing the same type of movements daily. To make my workouts more fun, I incorporated the punching bag exercise. My passion for health and interests in learning self-defense skills led me to do this exercise. I train on my punching bag regularly and I am reaping great benefits from it. Today I will be sharing on those benefits.

Before we start, I would like to say that I am neither a physical trainer nor a kickboxing champion. …


🌟 I write about social sciences, self-improvement & spirituality. I write to exhilarate, empower & enlighten my readers. My Gratitude To All. 🌟

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