Spooktober prompt: Ghostly Silhouettes.

Today I like to share a paranormal encounter that I had when I was a kid. I had many eerie encounters in my old house, and this story is one of those unforgettable ones.

I was around seven years old. It was a Saturday afternoon and…

Two lessons from a pineapple tart.

Trauma is a pain that resides with a victim for years after a terrible, negative and horrifying incident. Trauma affects a person psychologically and emotionally. Psychological and emotional trauma generally causes a person to experience upsetting emotions, reoccurring thoughts of painful memories and anxiety.

A Poem

Rain or shine, the writer doesn’t mind.
Regardless of the weather, the writer writes forever.
Like a feather, the writer’s words land gently in the heart of the reader.

The writer’s words can cool minds.
The writer’s words can warm hearts.

Every writing of a writer is like…

Emotional intimacy is needed to make relationships strong and healthy. Emotional intimacy helps couples to build trustful and long-lasting relationships. Emotional intimacy deepens love bonds, comfort, security and mutual support.

If a relationship lacks emotional intimacy, it will lead to distrust, dysfunctional communication patterns and separations.

I shall share six…

A poem

As you work consistently on knowing about your light and your darkness, you become an introspective warrior.
As you work persistently on transforming your darkness into light, you become a transformative warrior.
As you work unconditionally on being the light to yourself and others, you become an exhilarative warrior.


Compassion is a quality of higher consciousness.

Compassion is a beautiful innate quality. It is known to be the quality of higher consciousness. In Sanskrit, it is known to be the quality of the heart chakra. …

In times of pain, understand emotions, connect and heal with emotions.

Emotions play an important role when it comes to growing a beautiful, happy, loving and long-lasting relationship. Strong emotional connections support couples in building trust, empathy and deep intimacy. Powerful emotional connections help couples relate to one another through…

The sun is active energy,
The moon is receptive energy.
The sun is a giver.
The moon is a receiver.
The sun warms.
The moon cools.

The sun represents our heart that houses our soul.
The moon represents our mind that houses our thoughts.

Is the writer, like the sun…

Let’s grow our spiritual health.

Intuition is the bridge between us and the universe. I usually measure my spiritual wellness through my intuition. I realized that intuition works best if we keep our minds clear and calm. A wavering mind and an unhealthy body tend to shut down signals from…


🌟 I Write To Help and Heal Humanity, And Contribute To Existence With Love And Gratitude 🌟

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